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Dialect Coaching

Transform into the most truthful version of your character.

Drama Students

What is dialect coaching?

Dialect coaching is a service provided to primarily actors (or anybody looking to expand their knowledge!) who need/want to learn and adopt a new dialect for an audition and/or a role. The actor may be from New York City but has to convincingly play somebody with a London Cockney accent. Depending on their training, they may or may not be familiar with phonetics and how they change from dialect to dialect. This is where a dialect coach is invaluable because they've already done the homework for you and can give you pointers to adopt the dialect as quickly as possible.

Dillon has this special mix of focus, fun, and empathy. He really understands how to break down sounds and accents from both a technical and emotional place. This makes it so much easier for me to learn and have fun in the process. I wholeheartedly recommend him if you're looking for accent reduction and/or help with nailing an accent for an audition or role.

- Novalee -


What's the process?

The process is similar accent reduction. In order to successfully adopt an American dialect or a foreign dialect you have to be able to identify what's different about it and how to execute it. The reason why I can pick up accents/dialects quickly is because I already have a system in place for what Neutral American should be. In order to then switch to Cockney, British, Southern, etc it's simply a matter of identifying which of these sounds change for that particular accent and then drilling those changes so they become easy to execute. If you have the time and want to achieve the highest level of an accent, you'd drill until you can improvize while holding the accent without making the accent itself seem like you're putting on a character. You should be able to still feel like yourself even though you're changing how you speak. It's when you put the character's point of view, physical impediments, vocal patterns and dialect together that you get the final product.

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Thank you Dillon for your knowledge and professionalism in working with my client on Accent Reduction!

- Mora -

United States of America

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Which accents/dialects?

Accents (foreign / non-native):

  • German

  • Russian

  • French

Dialects (native):

  • Standard British

  • Cockney

  • Peaky Blinders Accent (Birmingham)

  • American Southern (general)

  • Boston (general)

  • Irish (general)

  • New York (general)

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