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About Me

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My Story

My name is Dillon and I'm a writer, actor and accent reduction coach living in Los Angeles, California. I'm originally from Europe and came to the US to study acting. I already had a really solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary at the time but quickly discovered that my accent was going to hinder me in pursuing the roles I wanted. The majority of great roles are occupied by native speakers and I didn't want to be stuck in "the German nazi soldier" for the rest of my career. Thankfully, my acting school offered a vigorous accent reduction program which I took full advantage of. After patient and consistent work, I was able to get rid of my accent. In the process, I developed a real passion for accents and dialects in general and broadened my arsenal to include Standard British, Cockney, General Southern, General Irish, and more.


Eventually I realized that I had so much knowledge in the subject that it was a no brainer to start sharing it with clients. It all started very small when COVID 19 had shut everything down and there wasn't anything else to do. I started teaching and have never looked back since. I now use my knowledge and experience to help students from all over the world (e.g. Mexico, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, France, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Colombia, El Salvador, Qatar, Nigeria, Spain, Germany, Vietnam and many more!) reduce their accent.

I want to stress this: I used to be in the same boat as you! I’m half German, half Czech and was born in Germany. I came to the US with an accent. Thanks to great teachers and hard work I was able to get rid of my accent and now audition for American parts. Having had to tackle this issue as an “outsider” I have a deep understanding of the struggle we go through as non native speakers. An accent can be a real hindrance to us. For one, it can make us harder to understand which is never helpful. Then, it can really mess with our confidence. Additionally, a lot of my students come to me because of the subconscious bias they're experiencing based on their accent. Americans, despite having the best intentions, might get a certain impression about you based on your accent which could stand in the way of you having unbiased interactions. I've experienced all of the above, have put in the work to reduce my own accent and have explored the quirks and inconsistencies of the American accent. That gives me the confidence to help people that are in the same situation I used to be in.

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Contact Me

Fill out the form and let me know what your questions are.

Location: Los Angeles

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

Office Hours: Mo - Fri: 9am - 4pm PT, Sa: 10am - 2pm PT

If you're contacting me with interest of booking a session, please be ready to send an audio recording of a text file that I will share with you.

How familiar are you with "phonetics" ? For exampe, (without looking them up) do you know which words these symbols spell out? /fɑðɚ/ - /klɔ/ - /wʌndɚ/ -- This is not required knowledge but your answer will let me know more about your starting point with this work.

Thanks for sending a message! Please allow around 24hrs for a reply.

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