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"Dillon is truly a language expert. He knows all the technique and tricks. He knows what's the issue and how to practice to improve it. But most important, Dillon cares and understand the struggle learning a new accent. I enjoy his energy and love working with him. The chance to learn from him has been tremendously helpful for my own journey. And for that I'm thankful"

- Quinny -


a professional with extensive knowledge

Dillon is a professional with extensive knowledge of pronunciation. I highly recommend his classes because he has gone through the accent work process himself. He has mastered the American accent and understands the difficulties.

- Dainora -


he found everything that took me years to find

Great communication and great experience! He knew what I needed and what the solutions were to improve my accent. I was impressed by how he found everything that took me years to find by myself and way more in just a single session. Highly recommended!

- Andres -


thorough in his preparation

Dillon is thorough in his preparation, keenly observes the pupil's strengths and weaknesses, and delivers in a timely and professional manner. In short, he is exactly as advertised.

- Imtiaz -


I can already see
the progress

He knows exactly what I need, and I can feel that my success is his goal. I find it very beneficial that he is not a native speaker (his English is perfect!). Because of this Dillon knows the difficulties we might have, and what the best way is to explain how to pronounce or understand specific sounds. I can say that I am 100% confident that I made the right choice, and I can already see the progress.

- Antonina -


his methodology
fits anyone

Dillon is a great teacher, very professional and patient, he is definitely the best option for anyone who wants to improve their English pronunciation and accent. He has a wide knowledge of the topic and his methodology fits anyone. I am very happy and feel more confident now to speak thanks to his lessons. Thank you Dillon!

- Nicolas -


recommend him
without hesitation

Dillon is extremely competent in his area and I would recommend him to anyone willing to improve their English or their pronunciation skills. He is very disciplined (never late for a class, never cancels without notification), has a methodical approach and truly engages with the student. The results are tangible, I recommend him without hesitation.

- Kut -


"Outstanding experience with Dillon. He is the master in his field. He is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve pronunciation."

- Sopheak -


specific insights
and takeaways

Great communication. He sent me a document and had me record myself reading it before the session, and I could tell he had listened and analyzed it because he had lots of specific exercises and feedback. I left the session with some specific insights and takeaways. Great experience!

- Jafar -


already learned stuff
I never knew

Very helpful lessons! I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to reduce their accent or improve their American accent. I’ve already learned stuff I never knew and seen progress, so I’m looking forward to taking more lessons. Of course you’ll have to practice as much as possible if you want to really see results.

- Miren -


The session was
an eye-opener

The session was an eye-opener introduction to identifying the foundation of American pronunciation and accent. Highly recommended.

- Val -


breaks it down into manageable pieces

He is really detail oriented and really stresses how important it is to be consistent. It's clear why he managed to get so good at this. He works hard and breaks it down into manageable pieces without overwhelming you. I didn't know that actors had such extensive training on sounds and accents, at least where he trained!

- Anton -


very professional,
patient, calm

Dillon is very professional, patient, calm and able to explain the lessons in terms easy to understand. I really recommend him. Thanks you so much Dillon!

- Juan -

El Salvador

special mix of focus, fun and empathy

Dillon has this special mix of focus, fun, and empathy. He really understands how to break down sounds and accents from both a technical and emotional place. This makes it so much easier for me to learn and have fun in the process. I wholeheartedly recommend him if you're looking for accent reduction and/or help with nailing an accent for an audition or role.

- Novalee -


Thank you Dillon for your knowledge and professionalism in working with my client on Accent Reduction!

- Mora -

United States of America

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